A meeting,
that changed everything

I am going to tell you a story that started about 10 years ago. We planned to build a house, but we knew that a house without a dog is not a home. We started making plans for a new four-legged family member ... 

The expectations were precise: he was to be big, strong, brave and active, and to belong to healthy, pastoral races. I chose Beauceron, although I had never seen these dogs "live", I was delighted with the description of the character and a few photos found on the internet. I soon realized that it was not a choice but a destiny. On my birthday, on the mountain trail in Slovakia, I saw him for the first time - he walked proudly, calmly, paying no attention to anything but his mistress. We exchanged a few words with the owner, and Czery (he was called) completely ignored us. He kept his eye on his mistress and waited patiently. I already knew that this and no other - French Shepherd Beauceron. From then on, my love for Beauceron continues to grow, and the SentiNoir online store is another expression of this unique bond.

Owczarek francuski Beauceron i góry

I am not a seller and my shop does not offer mass-produced goods. It is a place created on the basis of my experience, work and life with dogs, full of unique, valuable products for four-legged lovers.

At SentiNoir you will find unique products: clothing, accessories and extras for active dog owners, hand-decorated leashes, collars, harnesses and scarves, dietary supplements, treats and natural chews, cosmetics and accessories for care, toys and much more. I design most things myself, and the most valuable source of inspiration for me is dogs. Each product reflects their emotions, features and needs. In fact, THEY make up this store. I just give the ideas solid, material shape. If you have your own idea, I will be happy to hear it, advise you and try to implement it. I am sure that together we will create something special - just for you.

Owczarki francuskie Beauceron

For several years, I have been breeding the French Shepherd Beauceron Sentinelle Noire, associated in the Polish Kennel Club, which is a member of the International Cynological Federation (FCI).

However, the word "breeding" does not describe what I am doing and feeling. I accompany the Beauceron from the moment I tear the amniotic sac so that it can breathe on its own. I weigh it and make sure it puts on weight properly. I'm waiting for it to hear. Around the 15th day of life, we can finally look into each other’s eyes. Eventually, the puppy starts walking, making mischief, playing with its siblings and biting whatever it can. We are together practically around the clock for 2 months. Sometimes I collapse from exhaustion after a dozen or so night wake-ups. Sometimes I get cold to the bone, spending long hours playing with the little ones, even though the weather is not so good. The big day finally arrives and the not-so-puppy leaves for its new home, bringing happiness, wisdom and joy to it. After a few days of regeneration, I miss waking up and freezing again. Fortunately, this is not the end of our adventure. I accompany beaucerons in growing up, training, walking, exhibition and sporting successes. I advise owners and support them in their challenges. Despite the distance that separates us, we are together.

Hodowla owczarków francuskich

Beauceron is also my ONE AND ONLY, who has always been with me, follows me step by step and is happy to come back after a minute of absence, as if it has not seen me for ages.

Living with them means daily, long walks - regardless of the weather, fun, training, examinations, exhibitions, relaxing on the terrace, preparations for competitions and competitions, during which I sometimes meet those which I miss freezing together with. However, contrary to appearances, I am surrounded not only by beaucerons, but also by other dogs, whose owners I help to tame different characters, and then, together with them, I am happy with their breeding successes.

Owczarek francuski podczas treningu

Beauceron is also an irreplaceable partner in sporting challenges, which I fell in love with thanks to dogs of this breed.

My team HDR Wataha Beaucerona is the first single race team to compete in the Hard Dog Race, despite the low popularity of the breed. These are 12 active beaucerons, ready for new sports challenges.

Skaczący owczarek francuski

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